List of associations we are members of:

Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism (SOCR)

What the confederation represents

- top, independent, voluntary and a lobby organization
- federations, associations, big retail a distribution companies, consumer co-operatives, groups of independent retailers and franchise networks, small a medium enterprises in the commerce and hospitality sector, tourism and related services
- a regional-structured organization that by means of its regional representation cooperates with municipal authorities to develop the regions socially and economically

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International Garden Centers Association (IGCA)

International Garden Centers Association (IGCA) is nongovernmental independent organization, which aim is gradual improvement of international cooperation in the international garden industry. By the means of cooperation with parties all around the world it aims at unifying international and regional business agenda.

Obligations of IGCA

- support of national garden centers associations around the world
- support to networking of garden centers
- organization of annual congress in a member country of IGCA

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