Sdružení zahradnických center s.r.o.

Sdružení zahradnických center s.r.o. is an organization providing trading, administrative and organizational service for the members of the Society of garden centers. Society is professional society of natural and legal entities, that engage in the industry of sale of gardening products with special focus on plants and services. The origination of the cooperation goes as far as to 1998 and in the new form it operates since 1.1.2016.

Map of the members of Spolek zahradnických center
Sdružení zahradnických center s.r.o. / Spolek zahradnických center

Spolek zahradnických center
Lužná 716/2
160 00 Praha 6
IČO: 04488156
DIČ: CZ04488156
incorporated in the Federal Register
kept by the Municipal Court in Prague,
Section L, Insert 63822

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Sdružení zahradnických center s.r.o.
Lužná 716/2
160 00 Praha 6
IČO: 04682785
DIČ: CZ04682785
incorporated in the Companies Register
kept by the Municipal Court in Prague,
Section C, Insert 250848

The aim of Spolek zahradnických center and Sdružení zahradnických center s.r.o. is:
  • Mutual informing among the member Garden Centers
  • Improving of the sales culture and quality of goods offered
  • Putting together financial resources for common marketing
  • Publishing the Newsletter of the Garden Centers five times a year for free provision of information to customers
  • Mutual cooperation with suppliers with the aim to improve supplier-buyer relationship
  • Support to sale at the Garden Centers

We are member of IGCA and SOCRCR - List of Associations


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Project of the Sdružení zahradnických center s.r.o.

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